ADDIE: A Methodology for the Course Development Cycle

I created this interactive microlesson using Articulate Storyline 360. My goal was to develop an introductory lesson on the five stages of the ADDIE Instructional Design Model using several interactive features and engagement techniques. These include text input, slide and audio play/pause control, forced navigation, button states, animations, click-and-reveal interactions, and quizzing with feedback.

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ADDIE Microlesson Project Details

Exploring Different Approaches for Organizing and Laying Out Content 

I applied both slide and layer formats to the ADDIE microlesson to demonstrate different ways of organizing and laying out the flow of content. With the slide format, users engage with content through a series of separate slides for each stage of ADDIE. With the layer format, users engage with content from just a single slide, which contains hidden layers for each stage of ADDIE. I used hotspots over each of the letters of "ADDIE" to serve as interactive buttons to control the navigation between the slides and trigger the layers, respectively. 

Slide Format

With the slide format, each ADDIE stage has its own content slide, which is linked to the same main slide. 

Layer Format

With the layer format, each ADDIE stage is a hidden content layer on the same slide.  

My Roles and Responsibilities for This Project

  • Compiled, organized, and wrote all content
  • Authored assessment questions
  • Selected color scheme, graphics, and fonts
  • Designed the visual layout of slides and menus
  • Developed navigation and interactive components
  • Tested navigation and interaction
  • Transcribed and captioned video and audio

The Tools I Used for This Project

A Different Take on My ADDIE Lesson Design

I have also developed the same ADDIE microlesson with Adobe Captivate using a completely different design and navigational structure. Click "View ADDIE Captivate", below, to view this alternative version of the ADDIE lesson.

View ADDIE Captivate
Experience This Project
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